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Workshop repairs are strictly via appointment only – please call 0788 5454 640 ahead to arrange an appointment or discuss any queries.

Please note, we are experiencing a high level of demand and may not be able to pick up your message & return your call until the evening.

Thank you for your continued custom and patience at this unprecendented time.

FGH MOTORHOMES Ltd specialise in maintaining your mobile holiday home.  We have many returning customers who rely on us time and time again to keep their Caravan/Motorhome in tip-top condition.  Our service is of a high standard and our prices haven’t changed for what is the 3rd year running!

We have extensive knowledge in looking after all aspects of Caravan & Motorhome servicing, be it 12v, 240v, Gas, habitation, chassis and bodywork.  Whilst we also offer advice where possible, to avoid any extra costly work.

We recommend that each year you carry out a habitation service to make sure that you enjoy safe journeys away in your holiday home.

If you have any other faults with your caravan or motorhome, please do contact us.

Tyron bands

Tyron safety bands are a holds the tyre beads in place which also helps to prevent your wheel from impacting the road surface, causing even more costly damage.simple yet effective solution wor

king against the dangers and inconvenience of punctured, blown-out and under 

inflated caravan tyres.  Tyron 

to a place of safety without the flat tyre coming off or away from the wheel.  A Tyron safety band safety bands are attached to the wheel whilst the new tyre is being fitted and provide a short run flat capability, enabling you to drive

Not all tyre dealers have the facility or knowledge to deal with the replacement or removal of Tyron bands.  Kwik-Fit Mobile technicians are fully trained and come fully equipped to handle all 

aspects of Tyron bands on caravan tyres and are able to supply new Tyron bands for retro-fitment to your caravan or replace your existing Tyron band.

Caravan tyre ageing

Regardless of use or mileage, all tyres have a lifespan.  Even a caravan tyre never driven on will deteriorate over time.  Natural ageing of the composite materials that form tyres occur from day one and it is widely recommended that caravan tyres should be replaced at 5 years old.  To help you, new tyres have a date mark stamped on them to show the week and month of manufacture.

It is not always possible to determine how long the tyre has physically been fitted to the wheel on the caravan.  As a general rule of thumb, if you are in any doubt as to the age or condition of the tyre, don’t take the risk.

Checking your Caravan tyres

You can check how old your caravan tyre or tyres are yourself.  The information you need is found on the sidewall and denoted by four numbers printed in a window.  For example:

In this example, the manufacture date code is 1413 – where 14 denotes the week of manufacture and 13 represents the year, meaning this tyre was made in the 14th week of 2013.

If your tyres are printed with only a 3-digit number, it means your tyres were manufactured before 2000 and should be replaced asap.  If your tyres are older than 5 years old, you should consider replacing them.

Price List including parts i.e. Water filter, Gas reg, Gas hose, AL-KO nuts, etc

Motorhome Habitation Service  – £135.00

Motorhome MOT test – £65.00 +

Motorhome engine service from £175.00 

Caravan Service – Single Axle – £195.00

Caravan service – Twin Axle – £225.00

Chassie Service – Single Axle – £75.00

Chassie Service – Twin Axle – £95.00

Fridge Service from – £75.00

Damp Tests – £40

Gas Tests – £45

N.B.  All service prices are including Vat

Motorhome & Caravan Habitation Servicing

Motorhome & Caravan Servicing

Our Motorhome & Caravan habitation services has grown increasingly over the last 4 years. We are now booking in services.

Also again this year, we are able to offer Motorhome Engine Services and MOT’s.  Please note, however, that for this service all prices will be inclusive of VAT. 


Please note that we are registered with insurance companies and are able to offer a professional, accurate quotation and carry out all repairs to a very high standard, as we aim to offer total customer satisfaction.


Please feel free to contact us for more information

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