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FGH MOTORHOMES LTD offer an extensive service for motorhomes and caravans, specialising in carrying out Insurance and Damp Repairs.  We offer free damp and insurance quotes via workshop appointment.  We work closely with main dealers and insurance companies guiding you through the process, thus offering our customers a more personal service.  We are small enough to care, yet experienced enough to return your pride and joy to it’s former condition.  Please do visit our Gallery page to see examples of our own repair work that has been carried out.

You may or may not be aware that damp is a major concern with caravans and motorhomes.  Whilst manufacturers are improving the quality of their products and warranty, it is still imperative that regular habitation checks are carried out, together with regular damp readings monitored.  A yearly Damp Check, included as part of our General Service, keeps our customer informed of any potential problems of water ingress, hopefully avoiding a costly repair later on.

All repair work work carried out by us is guaranteed for 12 months.  We simply require you to return your caravan/motorhome to us, by your appointment, to have any damp repairs checked after 3 months.  This enables us to be sure that the repair remains to our satisfaction and has shown no further signs of water ingress, in order to validate the guarantee.

The best way to minimise the effects of damp are to catch it early. That means a thorough inspection and professional damp test at least once a year. The damp test is normally carried out during the annual service but even if you do your own servicing, it’s still vital to get a professional check done. Please BEWARE that the damp meters found in DIY stores are generally not as accurate as professional units and can never replace them.

It’s also important that the person doing the damp check has been properly trained in terms of where to look and how to avoid false readings.  As well as testing for damp, it’s worth checking around all seams for evidence of the mastic drying out.  Pay particular attention to horizontal seams such as awning rails, window hangars, roof to body seams and body to body seams.

Other known trouble spots include window frame seals, awning channel rails and grab handles (are they still solidly attached?).  External light fittings such as repeater lights and awning lights can also be a source of water ingress.  These fittings are normally fed from behind via a sealed hole in the bodywork and sit on a neoprene gasket.

If the fitting or gasket appear loose or in poor condition this could be sign of trouble.  If damp has been located, it’s important to find the source of the leak, however minor and rectify it ASAP before any more harm is done.

Glen has  over 25 years’ experience specialising in repairing both caravans and motorhomes.  Having been in the trade for a number of years, he has seen on numerous occasions just how serious the damage can be caused by water ingress, to nearly new and old models, followed by the quite heart-breaking realisation of such that Owners then have to deal with.  Water ingress is common and spreads in large areas.  Water will always find a way past sealants and the only way to keep on top of this is to regularly have your holiday home damp tested and resealed where necessary.

All work carried out is of a high standard and repaired to our customer’s satisfaction.  Many of our customers have been referred to us by their own friends or family, which is nice to hear!

The Gallery page depicts some of the repairs we have carried out.

Motorhome & Caravan Habitation Servicing

Motorhome & Caravan Servicing

Our Motorhome & Caravan habitation services has grown increasingly over the last 4 years. We are now booking in services.

Also again this year, we are able to offer Motorhome Engine Services and MOT’s.  Please note, however, that for this service all prices will be inclusive of VAT. 


Please note that we are registered with insurance companies and are able to offer a professional, accurate quotation and carry out all repairs to a very high standard, as we aim to offer total customer satisfaction.


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